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  • "Learn from experienced leaders and encounter authentic community that will bring you closer to God. If you want to experience God’s power in your life and share it with others, Ephesus is the place for you."

    Chris Zeigler
    Chris Zeigler Director, BASIC College Ministries
  • "At the Ephesus Training School ministers and missionaries with proven ministry and experience impart burden and vision to every student. Join the force God is raising up today!"  

    Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson Chancellor, Elim Bible Institute & College
  • "Ephesus training school helps you discover your calling through practical teaching and real life opportunities. Apostolic leaders will inspire, challenge, and launch you into a ministry you were created for. Sign up today!"

    Chris Ball
    Chris Ball President, Elim Fellowship
  • "Wherever I travel and serve churches, there is an abundance of teaching and theorizing with a serious lack in the areas of training and development. Ephesus is the rare place that creates this environment of activation and equipping."

    Joshua Finley
    Joshua Finley Speaker, Author, Coach